What is SWMirror?

SWMirror is a high-speed download service designed for anyone that needs to deliver downloadable content over the Internet from extremely fast, reliable download servers.

99.9 percent uptime guarantee 99.9% uptime guarantee
eliminate file hosting bills Eliminate high bandwidth overage charges (you only pay for what you use with SWMirror -- no overages!)
fast file hosting speeds Get exceptionally fast file downloads - we do not limit your speed in any way
real-time file hosting statistics Get real-time statistics on how many times your files have been downloaded
directly link to any file hosted with SWMirror Directly link to any file hosted
host any type of file Host any type of downloadable file (including music, pictures and video)
create download limited links to files hosted with SWMirror Offer download-limited links to your customers to guard against link sharing
use your own domain for file hosting Point your own name (at your own domain) to out servers to integrate hosting seamlessly into your existing sites
no setup fee with SWMirror file hosting Get affordable rates - compare our prices and see
no setup fee with SWMirror file hosting Never pay a setup fee

Just $5 per month will get you started and you always only pay for what you use! 5 gigabytes one month and 500 the next? No problem! No overages, ever. Our pricing tiers are listed at the top of the page and all accounts come with these great features :

Incredible speeds and capacity beyond belief, our data centers are fully redundant with no single point of failure. Network capacity is over 120 gigabits per second with connections to AT&T, AboveNet, NTT, Savvis, Global Crossing, Level 3 and Time Warner Telecom.

SWMirror has been providing hosting services since 2002. We know what we're doing -- and it shows!